A safe, efficient heating system is as easy as TLC

September 20, 2017 by Mardi O’Connor


The nights are getting longer and the leaves are falling; there’s that unmistakable crispness of fall in the air. Being indoors is suddenly more appealing than ever—snuggling up under a blanket with a book and a pumpkin-spice infused hot beverage. Early fall is also the perfect time to get your furnace, boiler, fireplace or heat pump serviced. Not only will you beat the winter rush, but you can take comfort in knowing you’re entering the season with your heating system in tiptop shape.


With our Appliance Maintenance Rebate Program, when you give your natural gas furnace or boiler and fireplace some TLC between September 18 and October 31, 2017, you can get a $25 rebate on each service—one for your furnace or boiler and one for your fireplace—for a total rebate of $50.

If you’re a FortisBC residential natural gas customer with an individual gas meter, you’ll need to have your appliance serviced by October 31 and apply online for your rebate by November 30, 2017. If your application’s approved, your rebate will appear as a credit on your natural gas bill within 90 days. It’s that simple.

Another factor to keep in mind is that your maintenance service must be performed by a licensed Technical Safety BC natural gas contractor. A Technical Safety BC licensed contractor will be able to ensure your service includes all the essential elements and can answer any questions you might have about ongoing safety and performance. You can find a contractor in your area by searching our directory.


To keep your natural gas furnace running smoothly between contractor visits, it’s a good idea to check and replace the filter every three to six months—this helps keep your vents and air free of lint, dust or pet hair. It’s also important to make sure the area around your furnace is clear of potential combustibles, such as laundry or cardboard boxes.

If you’re a FortisBC electricity customer, you can take advantage of our Heat Pump Tune-up Rebate Program. A $50 rebates is available if you have your electric heat pump serviced by December 31, 2017 and apply online within 60 days of your service invoice date. You can find a local contractor with our Electrical Contractor Program.

Whatever your source of warmth, when your heating systems are running at optimal efficiency, this means improved air quality and ventilation in your home. So, look after your appliances now and they’ll look after you—all winter long.

Natural gas customers, learn more about quality furnace maintenance and apply online for our TLC rebate.

Electricity customers, find out more about our $50 heat pump rebate and apply online.​

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