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Have you noticed higher bills this winter? We are here to help, as always.

January 10, 2017

The recent cold snap across BC has customers using more energy than usual during wintertime, which may be reflected on current or upcoming electricity and natural gas bills. If you are having difficulty or concerns about paying your FortisBC bill, we want to work with you to keep the lights on and the rooms heated during the dark and cold months of winter.

Did you know – we work with our customers to ensure we are solving their problems year-round, not just in the winter months?

We will work with customers to determine the reason for higher than expected bills and find a solution that may include payment arrangements. We have offered an Equal Payment Plan to customers who want to pay a fixed monthly payment and avoid seasonal fluctuations.
The natural gas Equal Payment Plan divides your total annual gas bill into 12 equal instalment payments. We use your natural gas use over the past year to calculate a monthly average. You’re then charged 12 equal instalments. Monthly payments for new customers are based on either historical consumption at the address or average consumption for residential customers in the region and current rates. The instalment amount is reviewed every three months and can be adjusted up or down to reflect significant changes in the weather, usage and rates. At the end of the billing year, you'll receive a charge or credit for the difference between the monthly instalments and the cost of natural gas you've actually used. You’re then re-enrolled for the next 12 months at your new monthly amount. 
The electricity Equal Payment Plan helps you avoid seasonal fluctuations on your bill with 12 equal monthly instalments. We use your electricity use over the past year to calculate a monthly average. You’re then charged 12 equal instalments. Your monthly bill will show both your actual usage and your equal payment amount. After 12 months of being enrolled in the plan, a new instalment amount is calculated for the next 12 months by comparing your actual consumption to the amount billed. Any difference is divided by 12 months and added or subtracted to your current instalment amount.
If you are having difficulty paying your bill this winter, please call our customer service team.

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