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Summer DIY renovation in the works? Make energy efficiency part of your plans

June 6, 2018


Summer is almost here, and this year you’ve decided that Hawaii can wait—this is the summer of the home reno-cation! Maybe updating your basement into a cosy, liveable space is the ambitious DIY plan on the agenda. Think of the possibilities—home office, personal yoga studio or suite for that 20-something child who just won’t move out. It could even be transformed into a great little mortgage helper down the road.

From the brave DIYer’s point of view, it won’t be that hard to do. All the space needs is a little drywall, some cheery coats of paint and some updated flooring (vinyl planks would be fab!). “I can do that,” you think to yourself.

But, as with any home renovation project, it’s not only about aesthetics. Ensuring your project is done with energy efficiency in mind can save you headaches and dollars down the road. We’re talking about insulation, high-efficiency space and water heating and more.

Of course, you’ll need to hire some expert help to tackle such energy-efficient upgrades, but these upgrades may reduce your ongoing energy costs and improve the comfort of your home in the long run. And we’re here to help with a variety of home renovation rebates.*

Home renovation rebates on insulation


Upgrading insulation will help keep your home warm in winter and cool and dry in summer. That’s why we’ve got rebates for insulation not only for your basement or crawlspace walls (maximum $1,000), but also attic (maximum $600), exterior wall cavities and sheathing (maximum $1,200 combined) and more. To be eligible for the rebates, the work must be completed by a licensed contractor.

High-efficiency space and water heating

If one of your renovation end goals is, in fact, lowering your heating bill, you may also be thinking about upgrading to high-efficiency space and/or water heating systems. If so, bring in a licensed natural gas contractor to install this equipment and be eligible for our rebates on high-efficiency natural gas fireplaces and water heaters. Our online directory of Technical Safety BC licensed gas contractors can help you find one in your community.

If you’re a FortisBC electricity or municipal electricity customer,** and your home is electrically heated, you may be eligible for an $800 rebate on a high-efficiency ductless heat pump.

Next steps: get started and apply for rebates

You’ve decided on your renovation plans, including energy-efficient options that are eligible for FortisBC rebates, so where to from here?

Take a look at what other rebates are available by visiting our home renovation rebates page. Next, find a contractor to help you get started with your energy-efficiency upgrades. Finally, get some quick tips on applying for rebates by watching our video.

When the project is back in your DIY hands, consider doing additional weatherization improvements for more energy savings. We have tips for you on everything from weatherstripping doors to caulking windows to prevent heat loss in your home.

Then, you can enjoy the fun part of your renovation project like picking the right paint colour and flooring. Have a great reno-cation!

*Terms and conditions apply.
**Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland and Nelson Hydro.

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