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Early results are in: Home of Tomorrow is the efficiency winner

May 3, 2018


Researchers at the Okanagan campus of UBC are into the second year of an extensive study looking at residential energy efficiency.

The Wilden Living Lab was developed to create a model for overall energy consumption, energy prediction systems, cost-benefit analysis and optimization of materials and systems for long-term financial savings.

Partnering with several Okanagan home builders, FortisBC, a local geo-thermal company and Okanagan college, the researchers are tracking the energy savings between two homes. One home was built with the latest energy efficient materials and systems while the other was built to today’s standards. Both homes are wired to enable real-time monitoring of energy consumption.

The project is into year two of a three-year plan. Data-analysis, appliance usage monitoring and HVAC usage monitoring are nearly fifty per cent complete.

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