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Apartment building upgrades benefit both owners and residents

November 27, 2017

As CEO of Gateway Property Management, Scott Ullrich oversees a large portfolio of rental properties in BC. Like most property managers and apartment building owners, he is concerned with keeping up with maintenance, keeping costs down and keeping his clients and residents satisfied.

Our Rental Apartment Efficiency Program has helped Gateway meet these daily challenges by providing participating buildings with free upgrades in suites, such as new water-efficient showerheads and faucet aerators, and a free energy assessment of the building to identify further opportunities to save energy and costs, such as upgrading to high-efficiency boilers and water heaters. Ongoing professional assistance is available to support participants in making these larger upgrades.

Our new video explains how the program works, and why Gateway has had about 40 buildings participate so far, with another dozen signed up. “Our residents were quite happy with the water and the new fixtures. Our clients were exceptionally happy about the cost benefits of their energy savings and their water consumption,” said Ullrich.

Since we introduced the Rental Apartment Efficiency Program in 2016, hundreds of apartment buildings in BC have participated. And they are saving significant amounts of money, energy and water, according to FortisBC program manager Jim Kobialko. “We’ve designed the program in the hopes it will be an easy decision for building owners. Not only is it free, but it also reduces their operating costs and the tenants feel good about benefiting the environment,” said Kobialko.

The program is available at no cost to building owners and property managers in BC whose buildings meet eligibility requirements and other terms and conditions. Learn more and sign up.

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