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Rockpoint Gas Storage Canada Ltd. Partners with Plug, Certarus and FortisBC in first of its kind hydrogen storage transaction

May 5, 2022

Calgary, AB - A partnership of leading energy companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to produce, transport, and burn hydrogen in a small-scale pilot project at the Suffield natural gas storage facility (part of the AECO HubTM) in Alberta, Canada ("Suffield"). It is anticipated that in fall 2022, green hydrogen will be trucked to Alberta and delivered to its destination turning the concept into reality.

This pilot project will demonstrate how existing natural gas storage infrastructure can be utilized to accelerate the energy transition by bridging the timing and location challenges of matching hydrogen production and consumer demand.  

FortisBC was the first utility in Canada to provide its customers with renewable natural gas in 2011, setting the groundwork for delivering other renewable and low carbon gases, like hydrogen, to British Columbians. Developing a better understanding of hydrogen transportation and storage adds to the expanding expertise the organization is developing as it pushes towards having at least 15 percent of its gas supply be renewable and low carbon by 2030.

"FortisBC continues to aggressively decarbonize its natural gas system by expanding its renewable and low carbon gas supply," said Joe Mazza, Vice President of Energy Supply and Resource Development with FortisBC. "This partnership with industry leaders is a great step for us to expand our understanding of hydrogen before safely delivering it to our customers."

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