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Province enables increased investments in renewable gas, hydrogen

Jul 2, 2021

Victoria, BC – The Province has amended the Greenhouse Gas Reduction (Clean Energy) Regulation to increase the production and use of renewable gas as well as green and waste hydrogen in British Columbia, generating jobs and economic opportunities while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Regulation (GGRR) allows utilities like FortisBC Energy Inc. (FortisBC) and Pacific Northern Gas Ltd. to make time-limited investments, within spending and volumetric caps, to stimulate the domestic market for renewable gases and reduce GHG emissions. 

“Changes to the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Regulation are important to accelerate the growth of B.C.’s renewable gas supply,” said Roger Dall’Antonia, president and CEO, FortisBC. “By increasing the renewable gas cap and expanding the regulation to include other renewable gases, such as hydrogen, we’re entering an exciting new phase of renewable energy development that will accelerate the transformation of our natural gas infrastructure into a delivery system for carbon-neutral energy.”

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