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Early engagement begins on Tilbury Phase 2 LNG Expansion Project

Feb 27, 2020

SURREY – FortisBC Holdings Inc. (“FortisBC”) has filed an initial project description with regulators to begin the federal impact assessment and provincial environmental assessment processes for the Tilbury Phase 2 LNG Expansion Project (the “Project”).

If approved, the Tilbury Phase 2 LNG Expansion Project may involve:

  • Constructing a new tank that could triple the site’s storage capacity and strengthen the resiliency of our gas system
  • Constructing additional liquefaction equipment to produce LNG for marine bunkering or bulk export by ship
  • If approved, construction could start as early as 2022 and be complete by 2028.

For nearly 50 years, the Tilbury LNG facility has been at the heart of B.C.’s energy system providing natural gas supply when customer demand is at its highest. The Project ensures that role will continue into the future by improving the resiliency of the system that supplies B.C. homes and businesses with natural gas.

The Tilbury LNG facility is already producing LNG for marine customers and for customers overseas. The Project will enable Tilbury to produce more LNG to meet increasing demand for LNG as a marine fuel and to support our 30BY30 target. LNG-powered ships can reduce air greenhouse gas emissions up to 21%. LNG can also reduce air pollution including nitrogen oxides by up to 95%, particulate matter by up to 99% and sulphur oxides to almost zero, compared to other marine fuels.

FortisBC is committed to continuing engagement with Indigenous groups and the local community on the project. As part of early engagement with the public, Indigenous Groups and other stakeholders, FortisBC will be participating in an open house scheduled for this spring in Delta. Learn more about the project at


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