Medium and heavy-duty natural gas truck fleet incentives

Our financial incentives can help with the cost of upgrading to natural gas vehicles, to help you take advantage of the cost-saving benefits and emission reductions that compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel provides.

About the program

It costs more to purchase a CNG or LNG-fuelled vehicle than a diesel vehicle, but with the fuel cost savings of natural gas compared to diesel, you’ll be able to recover that additional cost in one to four years, typically. To help reduce that payback period, we can provide an incentive of up to 50 per cent of the additional cost of a CNG or LNG vehicle compared to an equivalent diesel vehicle, for eligible customers.

For example, if the difference in cost between a CNG truck and an equivalent diesel truck is $70,000, we could provide an incentive up to $35,000. You may be eligible to apply for federal or provincial incentives as well (subject to availability) to cover the remaining additional cost of purchasing a natural gas-fuelled vehicle, making the cost of purchasing a CNG truck similar to that of a diesel truck. See the bottom of this page for more information on government programs.

Use our fuel savings calculator to get an estimate of your annual fuel savings with natural gas, and your potential incentive amount.

Why invest in a CNG or LNG truck?

Aside from the fuel cost savings and environmental benefits, there are other significant benefits to investing in natural gas-fuelled trucks:

  • Fuel price stability: The price of natural gas is expected to remain relatively low and stable for the foreseeable future due to an abundant domestic supply, unlike oil prices. 1
  • Quieter engines: Natural gas engines on average are 10 decibels quieter than even the newest diesel engines of a comparable size. 1
  • Less maintenance and down-time: Natural gas is easier on some engine parts than diesel—likely meaning lower maintenance costs.1
  • No diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or other emission controls needed: CNG vehicles do not need DEF, diesel particle filters, selective catalytic reduction systems or other emission control systems to meet environmental standards.
  • Further emission reductions possible with Renewable Natural Gas (RNG): We’re increasing our supply of RNG to make it more available to our commercial transportation customers, as it will allow for further emission reductions without the need to upgrade existing CNG or LNG vehicles. Ask us about RNG availability.   

Incentive calculation

Customers may be eligible for incentives to cover a portion of the additional cost of a natural gas vehicle. The incentive amount will be based on the additional cost of a natural gas vehicle compared with an equivalent diesel vehicle, and subject to available funds in the current round of funding.

We offer a 30 per cent incentive for early adopters (applicants among the first in their eligible market segment).

  • wholesale distribution of food or beverages by truck
  • short-haul trucking between a port and a railway, warehouse or trucking depot
  • medium and heavy-duty vehicle leasing
  • passenger transportation by charter bus, other than a transit bus or school bus
  • package courier service by truck
  • off-highway mine hauling by truck
  • transportation of goods or passengers by rail
  • dump truck services
  • transportation of cement in cement-mixing trucks
  • bucket and digger trucking services
  • pipe cleaning or hydro-vacuum excavation trucking services
  • on-highway hauling in trucks with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating of more than 36,000 kg
  • off-highway earth excavation, grading and moving for construction or mining
  • asphalt paving services
  • fracture pump unit services
  • shipping, passenger transportation or commercial services by marine vessels fuelled in BC
  • street sweeping services
  • flusher and sewer trucks

We also offer an additional 20 per cent incentive for applicants who build or fuel at a FortisBC natural gas fuelling station available for third-party use, located along specific strategic transportation corridors in BC.

Non-early adopters opening new natural gas fuelling stations are eligible for a 20 per cent incentive for each new truck fuelling at that station.

Please review all incentive terms and conditions on the application form, and the eligibility requirements below. 

Eligibility requirements

  1. Fleets must operate at least 75 per cent within BC, and incentive awards will be prorated based on the percentage of kilometres run within the province.
  2. Applicants must be owners or lessors of eligible vehicles in BC who refuel within the FortisBC service area.
  3. Eligible vehicles include:
    • heavy-duty vehicles: a truck or tractor-trailer with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating of 11,793 kg or more
    • medium-duty vehicles: a vehicle with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating of more than 5,360 kg but less than 11,793 kg
  1. Applicants must meet the following minimum criteria:
    • Equifax Credit Information score of 30 or less
    • Equifax Payment Index of 45 days or less
    • Satisfactory Carrier Safety Rating (audited or unaudited)

Note: Applicants who have previously received incentive funding under this program for waste removal and/or recycling vehicles (fleets with more than 12 CNG powered vehicles) or transit vehicles are not eligible to receive funding for additional vehicles that will fuel at their existing fuelling stations.

Evaluation criteria

One of our goals is to assist a wide range of natural gas vehicle fleets, and to provide incentives to applicants across the province. Applicants are evaluated based upon the diversity of the applications received and fuelling infrastructure plans. Applicants will be awarded at the sole discretion of FortisBC.

How to apply

  1. Contact our sales staff—they can guide you through the process.
  2. Complete the application and submit it to by 11:59 (PST) on December 31, 2021.
  3. Make sure to include the following items with your application:
    • CNG/LNG vehicle specifications and quotes from the dealership
    • Documentation confirming the amount of the diesel fuel displaced by natural gas. Documentation may include fleet mileage records or comparable information.
    • National Safety Code Carrier Profile Summary documentation
  4. Upon receiving a complete application, we’ll send eligible customers an award letter outlining the incentive percentage they’re eligible for. If you wish to proceed, we’ll create a contract.
  5. Once the contract is signed by all parties, you can order your new CNG/LNG vehicle(s). We can then provide 25 per cent of the agreed-upon incentive.
  6. When the vehicle(s) have been delivered and you have the insurance forms, we will provide the remaining 75 per cent of the incentive.

Note: We accept applications every month, but incentives for the year may be fully awarded in the earlier months of the year, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Funding is not guaranteed every year.

Helping you promote your commitment to cleaner fuel

When you invest in natural gas-fuelled vehicles, reducing your fleet emissions, we want to help you share the news with your customers and industry partners. Leading companies in BC and around the world want to work with other progressive, like-minded companies that are reducing emissions.

We’ll work with you to determine the best way to promote your commitment to cleaner fuel, including getting ‘Fuelled by natural gas’ decals for your new vehicles and media coverage, among other initiatives.

Federal and provincial government funding programs

Fleet operators may be able to combine FortisBC incentives with another program to a maximum of 100 per cent of the incremental cost. Ask us for more information on how to combine our incentive with one of the following programs:

  • Green Freight Assessment Program from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan): Companies headquartered in Canada can apply for funding of up to 50 per cent to a maximum of $10,000, towards the hiring of a third-party to perform a fleet energy assessment. NRCan will fund 50 per cent, up to a maximum of $100,000 for projects with companies who have completed a fleet energy assessmentand are looking to implement some of the recommendations from their report. Successful applicants will receive cost-shared funding to switch to alternative fuel (e.g. CNG) vehicles. Terms and conditions apply.