Maintenance facility incentive program

While natural gas vehicles have similar ongoing maintenance costs as diesel vehicles, there’s an upfront cost to converting facilities or building new facilities to service compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles. That’s why we developed this incentive program.

Eligible applicants could receive up to 100 per cent of engineering costs and up to 50 per cent of labour and material costs towards the construction of or improvements to maintenance facilities for the safe operation of CNG and LNG vehicles.

Safety upgrades for CNG or LNG vehicle maintenance facilities

Our guide, Safety upgrades for maintenance facilities servicing commercial fleet CNG/LNG vehicles, outlines the cost and process of maintenance facility conversions or upgrades.

Note: this guide is not intended to replace professional evaluation, experience and detailed design for facility upgrades.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Applicants must have received FortisBC incentive funding for CNG/LNG vehicles.
  2. Operations that have previously received FortisBC funding for maintenance facility upgrades in the last 12 months are not eligible for this program.
  3. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) authorized dealerships that perform maintenance on vehicles owned by incentive funding recipients are also eligible.
  4. Applicants with special requirements or custom works may be eligible at the sole discretion of FortisBC.
  5. Applicants can only receive funding for one maintenance facility in the same round of funding.
  6. Maintenance facilities must:
    • be located within our natural gas service area
    • be owned and operated by the applicant or their service provider
    • provide regular maintenance in accordance with the OEM’s service manual and commercial vehicle inspection programs
    • have at least one bay performing major repairs to a minimum of five CNG/LNG vehicles.
  7. Funding must be used to make capital improvements related to the upgrades to or construction of facilities that allow the servicing of natural gas vehicles and not for repairs, renovations or maintenance relating to the ordinary course of business.

Incentive calculations

For labour, material and permit cost caps for CNG and LNG vehicle maintenance facilities, please review Schedule A - FortisBC Maintenance Facility Upgrade Project - list of work and FortisBC contribution percentage.

Incentive funding is based on facility floor area and on a ratio of five vehicles to one bay. Funding is intended to cover:

  • up to 100 per cent of the feasibility study (to a maximum of $7,000 for upgrades and $5,000 for new construction)
  • up to 50 per cent of labour, material and permit costs for eligible works (up to the maximum set out in Schedule A)
  • up to 100 per cent of the detail design engineering costs (to a maximum contribution of $25,000 for upgrades and $16,000 for new construction)

Applicants are solely responsible for any costs in excess of the maximum limits for incentive funding, and FortisBC reserves the right to change the incentive funding amount at its sole discretion.

Application process

  1. Submit your Feasibility assessment application to
  2. FortisBC will assess the eligibility of your application and, if approved, send you written approval to proceed with your feasibility assessment.
  3. Hire a BC-registered engineering firm (approved by FortisBC) to assess the feasibility of your planned maintenance facility upgrade.
  4. Submit a copy of the engineering firm’s feasibility assessment and their invoice for the feasibility assessment to FortisBC, along with the following forms: We’ll assess the eligibility of the project and, if approved, send you a written notification to proceed with the project and issue reimbursement for the feasibility assessment cost.
  5. Sign and submit FortisBC’s Natural gas contribution agreement prior to commencing any work.
  6. Complete your maintenance facility upgrade.
  7. Re-submit the Facility upgrade assessment work and cost summary with actual costs and include copies of invoices, necessary permits and operating certificates.
    FortisBC will verify costs and receipt of services and goods and then provide the incentive funds. We will not make any financial contribution to the project costs until after the work is complete and operational, and the applicant has received all necessary permits and operating certificates from the issuing governmental authorities.

If you have a feasibility study done, but don’t proceed with the upgrade, submit a copy of the engineering firm’s feasibility assessment and their invoice for the feasibility assessment and Facility upgrade feasibility assessment deliverables to be reimbursed for the assessment expense.