Incentives for marine LNG vessels

FortisBC has committed to $68 million in incentives for marine vessel owners and operators who will be purchasing liquefied natural gas (LNG) from FortisBC — and we have more funds available.

These incentives help cover the incremental cost of upgrading to an LNG-powered vessel, compared to the equivalent vessel operating on marine gas oil or intermediate or heavy fuel oil.

Eligibility requirements

Vessels eligible for incentive funding include:

  • trans-pacific or coastal freight vessels that can call any port or point of destination along the North American West Coast
  • marine vessels (e.g. oil/chemical tankers, bulk carriers, car carriers and roll-on/roll-off vessels) calling any ports along the North American West Coast
  • bunkering vessels

Applicants who receive incentive funding will be required to purchase LNG from FortisBC.

How to apply

Complete the application and email it to

There is no close date for this program. You should receive an automated email response confirming our receipt of your application and our anticipated response time for processing your application.