How to apply for jobs at FortisBC

All job applications are completed using our online system. Applying online helps to reduce paper use and allow us to efficiently collect your information and candidate consent.

Submitting your application

When you find a job you’re interested in, click the Apply button. If you’re a first-time candidate, you’ll be prompted to create a career profile and upload your resume. Registered candidates can log in to update an existing profile and apply.  If you’re a current FortisBC employee, please apply internally.

Due to the high volume of applications we receive, all candidates must apply using our online system. Registering with us and creating a career profile can help you apply for future FortisBC opportunities, as well as helping us to reduce paper and to efficiently collect the candidate consent and profile information we need to assess your application.

Yes, once you submit the online application for a job posting, you’ll receive an email notification confirming your application has been received.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we cannot contact all applicants. Our talent acquisition team will review your resume against the job requirements, as well as other candidates, and contact those who are the best match for the position.

Check our current job opportunities regularly to see if there are new positions that may be a fit for you. You can create a career profile and upload your resume and contact information in our online system so that you’re ready to apply when an opportunity becomes available.

You can update your career profile at any time by logging in with your email address and password. Look for the Login button on the right side of screen when you’re in the career portal. Go to the My account tab and follow the prompts to update your resume and profile information and to upload or manage other documents.

Here are some troubleshooting options if you’re having technical issues:

Check your browser setting. Make sure you’re using a recent version of a web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox to create your career profile or to log in. Older versions of web browsers may not be compatible with our system.

Trouble uploading a resume? It must be in an acceptable format to be uploaded to our system, such as:

  • Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx)
  • PDF (scanned images/documents are not accepted)
  • plain text (.txt)

If you’re having issues uploading your resume as a PDF, try uploading it in Word format.

If you’re still having difficulties, email us at

Log in to your career profile and click on Upload document, under Documents. You can continue to add and update documents to your application until the job posting has closed.

You can reset your password from the login page. Click on Forgot password and enter the email address you used to register with us. A new temporary password will be emailed to you. Use the temporary password to log in, and then create a new password in the settings section.

Additional application requirements

Once you apply for a position and upload your resume, you’ll be prompted to answer some questions. Questions with an asterisk are mandatory. These questions help us identify you as a potential candidate. If the question is not relevant to you, enter “not applicable” in the space provided. Including a cover letter is optional, but it does help us to get to know you better.

Recruitment processes and timelines

Depending on the position, we generally follow up with short-listed candidates within two to three weeks. Our typical recruitment process includes a pre-screening interview, face-to-face interview, assessment and pre-employment checks. Overall, the process from start to finish can take six to eight weeks before selection and a job offer is finalized.

Interviewing at FortisBC

A job interview is a two-way exchange of information. We want to learn if you’re a good fit for a position, and you’ll probably want to know if the position is right for you and your career goals. 

On the premise that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour on the job, we use behavioural interviewing to help assess your suitability for a position.

You can expect:

  • to be interviewed by at least two people
  • to be asked questions about your skills and competencies that are relevant to the position you applied for
  • to be asked behavioural interview questions

Tips to prepare:

  • Review and understand the position you’ve applied for.
  • Be prepared to provide specific examples pertaining to skills and accomplishments relevant to the position you applied for.
  • Visit the About us section and read our Corporate & Sustainability Report to learn more about FortisBC before your interview.