Homes and businesses

If you’re building or renovating, find out how to request, upgrade or remove natural gas service and/or electricity service.

Why choose natural gas

See how natural gas can help you save money, and learn about the convenience and comfort natural gas appliances offer.

Find out why

Request a new natural gas line

Learn how to request a new natural gas line if your home or business isn’t connected to natural gas.

Move or remove a natural gas line

Submit a request to move or remove a natural gas line if you’re renovating or demolishing a building.

Upgrade your natural gas service

Request a larger meter or regulator if you’re adding natural gas appliances that will increase the amount of natural gas you use. 

Request electricity service

Get a new electricity service installed (in the Southern Interior of BC), and get our Electrical service and metering guide.

Get electricity service

Find a contractor

If you’re installing new appliances and heating and cooling systems, you’ll need a licensed contractor. Search our directories to find one in your area.