Billing support during COVID-19

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We know the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted you and your families. We understand that household or business bills can cause additional stress. We’re here to help.

Waiving late payment fees

We’ve waived all late payment fees for natural gas, electricity and propane bills. This means that if you have a balance currently owing, you will not have to pay a late fee. This applies to homeowners, renters and small businesses. We understand you have many concerns right now, and we’re here to work with you to bring your account up to date without penalty.

We believe that our current approach provides an appropriate balance of providing support to those who need it most against the impacts on all of our customers. We’re examining all options of how we can further help our customers. We’re always very cautious when making choices that could have longer-term rate impacts for our whole customer base. At the end of the day, a bill credit that is paid for through future rates is just a deferral that impacts every customer.

For large commercial and industrial customers, please contact your key account manager to discuss your account and payment arrangements. 

Suspending disconnections

At this time, we won’t disconnect any customer from the energy they need, whether it be natural gas, electricity or propane, due to financial hardship – regardless of the amount owing.

Flexible payment options

Our customer service representatives are here to help if you’re facing financial difficulty for any reason. Together, we’ll tailor a flexible payment solution that will fit your needs. Call us about your concerns and allow our team to help you find a way forward. You can reach us, Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at:

  • Natural gas - 1-888-224-2710
  • Electricity - 1-866-436-7847

You can also email us at or and access your Account Online.

Answering your questions

We’ve provided a list of FAQs to assist in answering some of your most frequent questions. We’ll continue to update these as needed or as new information becomes available.

If your bill was issued prior to March 23, a late fee may still appear. Please call our customer service centre and we’ll be happy to reverse that charge for you. You can reach our customer contact centres at 1-866-436-7847 for electricity or 1-888-224-2710 for gas.

Our focus is on assisting all of our customers in ways that best support their individual circumstances. If any customer needs assistance, we’re here to help. Call our customer contact centre and we’ll help find a way forward.

We’re keeping a close eye on the situation and are continually assessing how we can help our customers.  

Our decision to waive late payment fees and stop disconnections, in response to COVID-19, is in place for the immediate future. As with all other measures we’ve taken in response to COVID-19, these decisions will assessed on an ongoing basis. We remain committed to supporting our customers during this challenging and uncertain time by continuing to provide them with customized payment solutions for their bills. We encourage any of our customers to reach out to us for assistance. Large commercial and industrial accounts impacted by COVID-19 are encouraged to speak with their key account manager to discuss payments arrangements.

Flexible payment options are, and continue to be, available to customers who are facing financial difficulty. Our customer service team is here to answer any billing questions and can help find the right flexible set of payment options for you.

The B.C. Carbon Tax is a provincial tax which FortisBC has no control over. We simply collect it on behalf of the government.

As of March 23, the BC Government has decided to delay any increase. For the time being, the carbon tax remains the same

We received regulatory approval from the British Columbia Utilities Commission to maintain the cost of natural gas and propane rates for all of our customers from April 1 to June 30, 2020. 

Keeping you informed

As the situation evolves, we’re committed to responding to the needs of our customers and employees and keeping you informed. Our contact centres are available to serve you, and we’ll post updates on our website and social media feeds.