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To find out the potential impact for you, if our proposed changes are approved, enter the amount of electricity you have used over the last year in two-month increments.

You can find this information on Account Online, on your bill statements or by calling our customer service team.

Note: the impact on each household varies greatly, depending on your electricity use.

Month 1 & 2
Month 3 & 4
Month 5 & 6
Month 7 & 8
Month 9 & 10
Month 11 & 12
Annual consumption 0
The table below shows how your average annual bill will be affected by an immediate return to a flat rate and by a gradual phase-out of the two-tiered rate.*
Percentage amount
(higher or lower)
Estimated annual bill under current two-tiered rate: $0.00 n/a
Estimated annual bill under a current, equivalent flat rate: $0.00 0%
Bill difference between a flat and two-tier rate in the first year of a four year phase-out: $0.00 0%
Bill difference between a flat and two-tiered rate in the final year of phase out (year four): $0.00 0%
As of year five, the two-tier rate will be eliminated.

*This is for reference only. The calculations are based on current rates and assumes the same consumption each year. Calculations are before taxes.


See how your electricity consumption compares

Residential annual consumption distribution*

* Based on the actual 2016 consumption data from FortisBC’s residential electricity customers.