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Helping businesses save big

We’re helping businesses, churches, hospitals, restaurants, schools, community centres and others conserve energy with financial incentives that help make choosing high efficiency more affordable. See how we’re using rebates and new technology to assist our customers with saving money, energy and greenhouse gas emissions:


 Who's saving natural gas at work


Growing yields of savings

Successfully raising 10,000 cucumber plants from farm to table is no small feat.

Banking on chiller technology earns big savings

When Vancity needed a cost effective, customized energy solution for one of their commercial towers in Vancouver, we delivered.

Betting on efficiency results in big savings

Gateway Casinos is not only saving energy, but setting a standard for sustainability.

Making energy savings count

How saving energy helped a Vancouver church access more funds to help those in need.

Burnaby dives into saving energy

A community pool exchanges an old "workhorse" to high efficiency.

​A healthier learning environment

In Elkford, BC significant snowfall is not unusual. So it's safe to say that a reliable space heating system is essential. But when faced with an aging, unreliable, multi-zone furnace system, a solution was needed.

Highrises go high efficiency

After retrofitting 14 apartment buildings and receiving almost $206,000 in rebates from our Efficient Boiler Program, Hollyburn Properties encourages other residential property owners to get involved.

Big boiler savings

They were gluttons for energy! How replacing two large boilers was a win for the Liquor Distribution Branch of British Columbia.

HVAC goes under the knife

It wasn't the lack of heat, but rather too much of it that prompted a boiler replacement for one private hospital on Vancouver's west side.

Nelson's grand old dame awash in savings

In 1898, before the words energy and efficiency joined together to become part of our modern day vernacular, Nelson’s Hume Hotel opened its doors to a new era in first-class service for the region.

​A slice of efficiency & savings

With nearly 200 customers a day, John Phelps depends on hot water to keep his Penticton pizza restaurant running smoothly.


 Who's saving electricity at work


Sawmill saves 2.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity

Weyerhaeuser’s energy champions are actively engaged to find opportunities to improve energy efficiencies. Find out how the company’s Princeton sawmill saved energy and money with lighting upgrades and more.

MYTH: building an efficient home costs more

Learn how a Kelowna new home builder took a risk on constructing an energy-efficient spec home that paid off.

Harvesting savings with energy-efficient irrigation

Pierre Hebting of Happy Vineyards near Oliver wanted to get off the grid, help the environment and save money.

​GlenValley EnerGuide® development

This 86-unit multi-family townhouse complex in Kelowna is unique as it combines energy efficiency with affordable price points.

Keeping cool under one roof

Keeping hotel guests comfortable is a priority for Kelowna's Accent Inns, but so is energy efficiency and keeping energy costs under control. Learn how we helped them keep air conditioning costs down with rebates on occupancy sensors.

Going solar in the sunny Okanagan

After a devastating fire, the owners of Kelowna's St. Hubertus Estate Winery saw an opportunity to include energy efficiency when rebuilding.