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Making energy savings count

St. Paul’s Anglican Church has stood in Vancouver’s West End since 1905. The timberframed Church is a designated heritage building and, together with its neighbouring church hall, is a hub of activity.

Heating the two buildings were natural gas boilers that were 30+ years old, according to Jack Wood, treasurer at St. Paul’s. A bequest to the church for property improvements and a $7,728 rebate from FortisBC’s Efficient Boiler Program meant the church could upgrade its heating system to new, high-efficiency condensing boilers. The boilers were installed in summer 2013, and Wood has already seen a drop in gas consumption over the previous year.

“Anything we can do to save on heating costs is good, both economically and environmentally,” said Wood. “We have a very active outreach program at St. Paul’s, including advocacy for people in need, so the money we save on heating and other operating costs can be applied to programs like this.”

The new boilers will also ensure the many people who visit St. Paul’s will be warm and comfortable.