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HVAC system goes under the knife

​It wasn’t the lack of heat, but rather too much of it that prompted a boiler replacement for Cambie Surgery Centre, a private hospital on Vancouver’s west side.  One July day when the temperature hit close to 40° C, the air conditioning system conked out. A band-aid solution enabled the clinic to complete business for the day, but the long-term prognosis called for an intensive treatment program.

Help came, not in the image of a white-coated surgeon, but in the form of Ryan Tung, energy engineer at Honeywell. After a comprehensive assessment, Tung delivered a turnkey proposal for their entire heating and ventilation system, including replacing the two boilers with high efficiency models which in turn would help reduce energy bills. “They were extremely knowledgeable about the technical considerations which included replacing the rooftop air conditioning units and the boilers,” stated Lorraine Varner, executive director, Cambie Surgery Centre.

And when Honeywell estimated a rebate of more than $12,000 from FortisBC’s Efficient Boiler Program, Varner was convinced. Honeywell also helped Varner with the paperwork. “When all the work was completed,” Varner adds, “we were happy to see that cheque, I can tell you that.”

Even better, with the two new Veissmanm Vitodens high-efficiency boilers, the projected annual natural gas savings are estimated to be 20 per cent.

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