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Big boiler savings

At the time of rebate, company operated under the name Terasen Gas.

Imagine a gas-fired boiler so big that the building it serviced had to be built around it. Fifty years ago this was the case with two 5,000 MBH boilers that serviced the BC Liquor Distribution Branch’s (LDB) operations and distribution centre in Vancouver. Gigantic in size by today’s standards, they were also gluttons when it came to energy waste.

Like all government organizations, the LDB has a mandate to reduce its carbon footprint. The solution came in the form of two new condensing boilers that are 95 per cent efficient.

In addition to a reduction in operating costs and fewer emissions, FortisBC helped offset the capital cost with almost $50,000 in incentives.


The results include even, consistent heat, making the building more comfortable for employees; lower utility bills; and an effective contribution to supporting BC’s carbon neutral mandate. “We project the new boilers will use about one-third to one-half as much natural gas as the old ones,” said Dennis Kinsey, LDB.

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