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A slice of efficiency & savings

With 18 employees and nearly 200 customers a day, John Phelps depends on hot water to keep his 1,650 square foot Little Caesar’s restaurant in Penticton running smoothly. So when it came time to replace his two 40-gallon John Wood hot water tanks, he made sure to get an efficient system that would work for him.

“I’d been having problems with my other tanks in the past,” says John, “And I was looking for something new, more cost-efficient and reliable.”

The solution he chose? A natural gas on-demand hot water system that would make sure he would always have hot water when he needed it—and use less energy. The model is rated at 96 per cent efficiency and, as a bonus, takes up a lot less space than his old tanks.

John also qualified for a $497 rebate through our Efficient Commercial Water Heater Program. The program offers customers money back when they install a high-efficiency water heater. “I just got the form online and sent it off. It was quite easy to do actually.”

The water heater isn’t the only efficiency change John has planned for his restaurant. He’s now also looking at replacing his ovens with a newer model that will use less gas and less electricity.

With the hot water heater running, new ovens being planned, and high-efficiency fluorescent lights already installed, John’s well on his way to making his restaurant use less energy and save more money.

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