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Look who's saving at home

Customers just like you are making their homes more comfortable and energy efficient and qualifying for rebates when upgrading heating systems, insulation and more. Read their stories and discover how they did it. 

Feature story

Pulling heat from thin air

Jack and Iris have lived in their home for 50 years and know a thing or two about saving energy. But when they heard how a heat pump could help them save even more, they were intrigued.


 Who's saving natural gas at home


Putting high efficiency on the radar

Jennifer is setting an example for her kids by choosing high-efficiency upgrades.

Conservation is always in style

With small changes over 27 years, Tony’s made his bungalow energy-efficient and comfortable.

Renovating on a budget

With help from their dads, friends and YouTube, a Vancouver couple turned their drafty, old East Vancouver fixer into a comfortable, efficient home.

​Savvy energy saver

A water heater pilot program couldn’t come at a better time for Barb.

Why Natalie upgraded to an ENERGY STAR furnace

A beautifully renovated house couldn’t hide an over the hill energy hog.

Renos with Joan

A writer and energy-efficiency aficionado undertakes everything from window caulking to a full kitchen gut job to make her home comfortable and efficient.

Caulking up a storm

Caulking can help seal out winter drafts. But it takes a little skill and some inside tips. Find out more as Joan reveals the secrets to getting a perfect (or almost perfect) bead of caulk on your window sills and frames.

Tap into savings with low-flow faucets

Is there a flood of waste flowing from your faucets? You don’t have to call the plumber to save hot water. Joan’s got a simple fix and it’s staring at you from the sink.

Wash that water waste right out of your hair

If your showerhead is from the decade of big hair and Duran Duran it might be time to replace it with a water-saving model. Joan will tell you how.




 Who's saving electricity at home


Loan program paves way to energy savings

We take out a loan when buying a new car, so why not a heating system?

Putting a stop to sneaky leaks

Todd and Sharon put their house on a diet to reduce their energy use.

Marrying home renos with energy upgrades

For these newlyweds and new homeowners, home renovations were inevitable.

​Building a LEED® home

Matt and Grace built the first LEED single-family home in Kelowna. But it wasn’t without challenges.

From free hot water in a Vancouver rental to owning home

A year after Martin and his wife bought their dream home, the electric water heater began to leak. Since it had to be replaced, Martin wondered if there were newer models that were more efficient.

Squeeze the efficiency out of your baseboard heaters

Susan learned that she not only needs to tell her kids to turn off the light when they leave a room, but also to turn down the heat a notch..

How one homeowner insulated on a tight budget

On Joan’s budget, buying a new, or well-insulated, home was out of the question.  Learn how room-by-room, she turned her drafty old fixer into a cosy abode.