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Why Natalie upgraded to an ENERGY STAR® furnace

When Natalie and her family were looking to buy their next home, location was at the top of their must have list. But finding the right house for a family of six in their desired Tsawwassen neighbourhood meant having to make some compromises. “The house we purchased was in the perfect location but it was older. Before this we’d always lived in newer homes with efficient heating and cooling systems,” says Natalie.

Even though their new home had been extensively renovated, the upgrades hadn’t included the original 50-year-old furnace. “It worked, but not very well,” says Natalie. “Yes the furnace was a concern, but we knew we’d be able to replace it eventually.”

Making the decision about when to replace it was made even easier when we launched our Furnace Replacement Pilot Program in 2012. After their new, high-efficiency furnace was installed, Natalie and her family noticed the benefits immediately. “Before we upgraded, the house was either freezing cold or boiling hot. Now the temperature is consistently even and the house is much more comfortable,” she adds.

And how did she feel about the program? “Receiving a rebate cheque for $800 from FortisBC was awesome!” says Natalie.

You can feel awesome too. Our Furnace Replacement Program has returned for 2014 but only for a limited time.​

Natalie and family, 2012 Furnace Replacement Pilot Program