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Conservation is always in style

​“I invested the $100 gift card winnings in more insulation for my attic,” said Tony, an Energy Moment enewsletter reader and contest winner for the newsletter’s monthly $100 hardware store gift card draw. “Now my roof will be the last one on the block to have the frost or snow melt off.”

Tony and his family have been interested in energy conservation for years. “Even before it was fashionable,” he adds. “We’ve lived in the same Burnaby house for 27 years and have been making energy efficiency improvements since we moved in.”

The house, a 1,050 square foot post-war bungalow, may not have been built as energy efficiently as houses of today are, but given its size and energy improvements (like a new high-efficiency furnace and insulation upgrades) over the years, the family has managed to get their space heating bill down to, on average, $41 a month. “It’s kind of a game we play to see if we can drive our energy costs down,” quips Tony.

Their commitment to saving energy doesn’t stop at space heating. The family also washes laundry in cold water and hangs it on a clothesline to dry, drive a small fuel-efficient car, take short showers and recycle.  “It’s important to us that we leave the same opportunities for future generations and minimize our environmental footprint,” says Tony.

You can be an energy conserver like Tony and his family too.  Take advantage of some of our money-back offers on energy efficient appliances, sign up for our enewsletter and try some of our simple energy saving tips.