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Choose an ENERGY STAR® qualified new home

​When buying a new home, there are many ongoing costs to consider beyond the purchase price, such as your monthly energy bills. When you live in an ENERGY STAR qualified home, your energy costs will be lower and your home more comfortable. That’s why these homes are a good purchase option.

What is an ENERGY STAR qualified home?

These homes use about 20 per cent less energy than a home built to the current BC building code minimum standard, saving you money on your energy costs, year after year. They feature high-efficiency space heating and cooling systems, high-efficiency water heating, increased insulation levels and ENERGY STAR products and appliances to improve the overall comfort, air quality and efficiency of the home. As well as being cheaper to operate, the high-efficiency measures can improve your living environment by providing better protection against cold, heat, noise and drafts.

When shopping for a home, look for these features:

  • a high-efficiency heating system such as an ENERGY STAR natural gas furnace or electric heat pump (recommended where natural gas isn’t available) to improve comfort, reduce indoor humidity and save you money on space heating costs
  • a high-efficiency water heater such as a condensing natural gas or electric heat pump model (recommended where natural gas isn’t available) and water-efficient fixtures to save on water heating costs
  • enhanced exterior wall, attic and basement insulation
  • ENERGY STAR appliances to reduce energy consumption
  • ENERGY STAR lighting products to reduce electricity use
  • ENERGY STAR windows, patio doors and skylights to help keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer.
  • a heat recovery ventilation system to improve your home’s ventilation and air quality by reducing  dust, pollen and other allergens
  • an energy-efficient EnerChoice® natural gas fireplace, so you only have to heat the room you’re using

How does a home get ENERGY STAR qualified?

A new home that has earned the ENERGY STAR label has undergone a process of inspections, testing and verification to meet strict requirements. The home is constructed by trained builders licensed by the Government of Canada.

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