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Frequently asked questions

Rental Apartment Efficiency Program

How does the process work?

Review the terms and conditions to ensure your building qualifies and then email an application to If approved we’ll contact you as soon as possible to schedule the work.

Before your building’s scheduled upgrade, we’ll provide you with posters to display in common areas of the building to remind tenants; however, it’s your responsibility as per section 29 of the Residential Tenancy Act to provide your tenants with proper notice. During the upgrades, the property manager or a building representative must accompany our technicians as they install products in each unit and complete the building energy assessment.

How long does the installation take? And how long does the building assessment take?

It will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes per suite/unit to install the water-efficient showerhead, two faucet aerators and light bulbs (if applicable). The installations will take place on a weekday. The building energy assessment will happen on the same day.   

Who will be doing the work?

Our contractor, Fisher Resource Efficiency Solutions Company Ltd., will be doing this work. They can be contacted at 1-877-327-6137.

I have faucets that are more than 50 years old. Can they be upgraded? 

To install aerators, the existing faucet must have a standard threaded tap. If your faucets are too old or don’t have threads, we won’t be able to install the water-efficient aerators. For showerheads, the existing shower arm must be 1/2 inch threaded pipe. As well, if there are units with rain showerheads or faucets with pullouts, etc. we won’t be able to upgrade them.

Do you offer rebates for low-flow toilets or windows?

The Rental Apartment Efficiency Program is designed to reduce energy consumption for space and water heating and lighting (in the Southern Interior). The most cost-effective way to achieve this is by upgrading boilers, water heaters and lighting controls.

Low-flow, water-efficient toilets save water, but they don’t save energy. We recommend you check with your local municipality for toilet rebates.

I have already upgraded the showerheads in my building to water-efficient models. Can I still take advantage of the energy assessment?

While you wouldn’t be eligible for the Rental Apartment Efficiency Program, you can take advantage of our other programs such as the Commercial Energy Assessment and rebates on commercial water heaters and efficient boilers. Customers in the Southern Interior may also qualify for rebates on lighting and controls

Are the water-efficient showerheads and faucet aerators of good quality? That is, will my tenants complain about them?

The water-efficient showerheads and aerators are brand name products and come with a warranty. Tenants may even notice an improved shower experience, because the showerheads have a patented pressure-compensating technology, a consistent flow rate and multiple spray settings, which make them feel as if the water pressure is the same as, if not better than before.

How much water and energy will the new showerheads and faucet aerators save?

For buildings with central natural gas water heating, the energy saved by switching to water-efficient fixtures should equal about $20 a year per unit on the Mainland and $29 on Vancouver Island based on August 2015 rates.1 For FortisBC electricity customers with central electric water heating, the savings per unit is about $48 per year.2 If the existing showerhead we replace is more than 25 years old, the savings could be more. 

The light bulb replacements for apartments in the Interior will save tenants approximately $5 per year on their electricity bill.

1Based on 2.9 gigajoules of natural gas saved annually when replacing a 9.5 LPM showerhead with a water-efficient 5.5 LPM model and installing two 5.5 LPM faucet aerators. Source: FortisBC Conservation Potential Review 2011. Note: Mainland savings are based on August 2015 natural gas commercial Mainland Rate 2 of $6.74 a gigajoule. Vancouver Island savings are based on August 2015 Island Rate 2 of $10.07 a gigajoule. Rates do not include basic charge, carbon or other taxes.

2Based on 594 kWh saved annually when replacing a 9.5 LPM showerhead with a water-efficient 5.5 LPM model and installing two 5.5 LPM faucet aerators. Source: FortisBC Conservation Potential Review 2011. Savings are based on August 2015 FortisBC electricity commercial blended rate of $.0820 per kWh. Rates do not include basic charge or taxes.

Why are light bulb measures only available in the Interior of BC?

Light bulb upgrades are only available to FortisBC commercial electricity customers and customers of the municipality of Grand Forks, Summerland, Penticton or Nelson Hydro.