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Custom energy-efficiency projects for new buildings

We offer funding and incentives toward the construction of new, high-performance buildings in BC.

A new program for commercial new construction is now available, with incentives based on the levels of the new BC Energy Step Code. More details will be coming soon. If you have questions, please contact your key account manager

For participants currently enrolled in the Commercial Custom Design Program – New Construction

Important: This program is fully subscribed and no longer accepting new participants. Program support is available for existing participants.

Are you eligible?
  1. You must be a FortisBC commercial rate class natural gas customer and BC Hydro commercial customer.
  2. The program is available for the construction of new commercial buildings. 
  3. Participants must first apply and qualify for the BC Hydro Commercial New Construction Program
  4. Projects must meet FortisBC’s eligibility criteria.
Available incentives

BC Hydro’s Commercial New Construction Program offers up to 100 per cent funding for new construction energy studies. This incentive is co-funded by FortisBC.

FortisBC offers capital incentives for measures that will reduce natural gas consumption. The dollar amount is proportional to the anticipated natural gas savings.
With this new alignment between FortisBC and BC Hydro, you can benefit by using one approved NCP funded energy study to apply for both the FortisBC and NCP capital incentives.

How to apply
  1. Review the Commercial Custom Design Program – New Construction infosheet
  2. Contact your BC Hydro key account manager to apply and qualify for the Power Smart New Construction Program, or to apply for the energy study incentive. 
  3. All projects must also meet FortisBC’s eligibility criteria.
  4. Customers will need to identify if the proposed project will receive thermal energy via a third-party Thermal Energy Services Provider (TESP)1 by completing a TESP Declaration Form.
  5. Customers will need to provide BC Hydro with consent to share their project information with FortisBC using a standard disclosure consent form2
  6. After the energy study is completed, BC Hydro will forward a copy of the results to FortisBC. FortisBC will contact the customer directly to offer any potential capital incentives based on the natural gas saving measures identified in the NCP Energy study. Customers will need to accept FortisBC’s Capital Incentive Agreement if they wish to access FortisBC capital incentives. Incentives are paid after the approved measures have been installed and are fully operational3.

1Further details are available from your FortisBC key account manager upon request. A TESP is defined as an individual other than the program Participant, who will/does own thermal energy generating assets for the purpose of selling the thermal energy generated therefrom to the program Participant.

2Further details are available from BC Hydro upon request.

3Conditions apply. Contact FortisBC for questions pertaining to FortisBC’s capital incentives.


For more information, contact your BC Hydro account manager at 604-522-4713 in the Lower Mainland or 1-866-522-4713 elsewhere in BC, or visit

For more information about FortisBC’s capital incentives, contact your FortisBC key account manager.