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Renewable Natural Gas program videos

The energy to innovate

We’re passionate about the RNG program because we can see the benefits for local farmers, and for all British Columbians.

Renewable Natural Gas from FortisBC

Together, Renewable Natural Gas suppliers and FortisBC are turning organic waste from BC farms and landfills into something good.

Seabreeze farm

Seabreeze Dairy Farm in Delta, BC, is creating Renewable Natural Gas with manure from their dairy cows and local organic waste.

Renewable energy for BC (Global)

Discover how Renewable Natural Gas is a locally made energy that’s helping BC’s environment and economy.

Fraser Valley Biogas

Fraser Valley Biogas uses organic waste from Hardbite chip production and from Heppell’s potato farm to make Renewable Natural Gas.

Salmon Arm Landfill

At the Salmon Arm Landfill, we're capturing gas that’s naturally produced by accumulated waste, and turning it into Renewable Natural Gas.