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Recent call for expression of interest for biogas and biomethane projects

We’ve received expressions of interest for biogas and biomethane supply projects for our renewable natural gas program. We are now in the process of evaluating potential supply projects and will contact suppliers that have already submitted applications. If you’re interested in learning about becoming a supplier in the future, email us at

Evaluation of projects

FortisBC is committed to developing projects that are in the best interest of our customers. Each project’s unique characteristics are given careful consideration, but all must meet certain minimum requirements. We look at the following criteria when evaluating projects:


Potential projects are evaluated on an economic basis according to a financial model. The model takes into account all of the costs associated with producing a high-quality, safe biomethane for consumers.
This includes costs for equipment, operation, maintenance, use of existing FortisBC infrastructure and the price of either biogas or biomethane. Once calculated, the full cost of delivered biomethane must be below a pre-determined threshold.

Proposed technology

We have a responsibility to provide our customers with a safe, affordable and reliable energy supply. We use proven biogas purification equipment to ensure the biomethane meets the same quality standards our customers have come to rely upon for conventional natural gas.

Partner stability

As with technology, our biogas project partners need to be reliable. Though we want to encourage development, it is important to note that we can expect our biogas partners to be there in the future.

Project location and existing FortisBC infrastructure

FortisBC must ensure any proposed location is in close proximity to our existing natural gas system. In addition, each location will have local gas system load characteristics that may limit the amount of gas that can be accepted.

Approval of project

As a regulated utility, FortisBC is required to submit potential projects to the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) for review. Unless noted specifically, all projects must meet the requirements of the BCUC.

Contact us

There may be other ways we can be involved as well. Email us at