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Room heaters & wall furnaces

Small enough to fit anywhere and reliable enough to work without electricity, natural gas heaters are perfect for hard to heat areas.

Compact and economical, direct-vent room heaters and wall furnaces don't need a chimney and can be installed on any exterior wall. They are self-contained sealed combustion heating appliances that draw air in and discharge combustion by-products outside through a vent. They are permanently attached to the structure of a building, recreational vehicle or mobile home, and are not connected to ductwork.

Benefits and features

Fits almost anywhere

Gas room heaters and wall furnaces may be the perfect add-on to your existing heating system. They can warm one area at a time, making them especially good for hard-to-heat areas such as garages or basements, and for mobile or manufactured homes.

Easy to install

Direct-vent units don't need a chimney and can be installed on any exterior wall. This means that no household heat is lost up the chimney, and additional vent pipes, ducts or chimneys are not needed.

Economical and fuel efficient

Each heater has its own controls, so inpidual areas of the home can be kept at different temperatures without affecting the heat in other rooms.

Reliable heat supply

Most room heaters and wall furnaces will operate safely without electrical power – an added bonus if the power goes out, especially when they are the sole source of heat.


They can be added to an existing natural gas heating system, or be a scaled-down system where a central furnace is not feasible. Sizes range from 12,000 (perfect for small rooms) to 65,000 BTUper hour (for large or adjoining rooms).

Multiple choices

Wall-mounted or freestanding models are available in a range of styles and colours, including furniture-style outer cabinets that blend with almost any décor.

Optional extras

Built-in or wall-mounted thermostats (some with remote controls) are available. Optional blowers for better heat distribution are also available.

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