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Space heating & cooling

Natural gas is the number-one home heating choice in Canada.  Here are a few ways natural gas can add warmth to your home.

Space heating in a typical home accounts for between 40 and 60 per cent of your annual energy consumption compared to 25 per cent for water heating. That's why it pays to explore heating options carefully before making a major investment in a new system.

Forced-air furnaces

Natural gas combustion heats the air, which is then blown by a fan to living spaces through a network of ducts and vents.

Hydronic heating

In a typical system, hot water from a central gas-fired boiler is circulated to radiators or radiant floor coils in each room through pipes.

Room heaters & wall furnaces

Wall-mounted or freestanding, these units are direct vented to an outside wall. Using an electric fan, they blow gas-heated air into the living space, independent of any ducting system.

Forced-air furnace and air-conditioning combinations

When an air-conditioning unit is paired with a natural gas furnace, the evaporator coil removes heat and humidity. The condensing unit circulates refrigerant and expels heat outdoors.