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Patio lamps

Natural gas patio lamps offer a stylish, convenient way to light up your patio or backyard for entertaining, and for safety.


  • enjoy a beautiful glow, with no harsh glare
  • connect to your home’s natural gas supply and never run out of fuel
  • illuminate dark corners or pathways for safety
  • use your patio longer in the evening and later in the year

Types of patio lamps

Both mantle and tiki (or torch) style natural gas patio lamps can be used to illuminate walkways and patios in a safe and stylish way.


A mantle-style patio lamp is like a kerosene lantern but connected to natural gas. It burns with a bright, steady light.


Tiki (or torch) style patio lamps have an open flame. They provide an ambient, natural glow for your garden party or dinner.

Like natural gas patio heaters, both mantle and tiki lamps are available in mounted and standing styles, and will add style and practical lighting solutions for your outdoor space.