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Indoor fireplaces

Turn your hearth into a hub of high-efficiency comfort. Purchase a FortisBC eligible EnerChoice® natural gas fireplace and you may qualify for a $300 rebate.


The glow and warmth of a natural gas fireplace makes any room inviting. And the beauty of it is – you can install one practically anywhere. 

Energy efficient

Every natural gas fireplace in Canada carries an EnerGuide label between 20 and 70 per cent. The higher the number, the greater its efficiency.

Unlike natural draft venting, today’s direct and power venting options use no air from your home, adding to energy efficiency.

EnerGuide & EnerChoice

Natural Resources Canada's EnerGuide program helps buyers choose the most energy-efficient appliances. Every gas fireplace sold in Canada has an EnerGuide rating. The number shown on the EnerGuide label tells you the energy efficiency of the unit. The higher the percentage, the better the heat value for your energy dollars.

For the highest efficiency gas fireplaces, look for the EnerChoice logo. EnerChoice only applies to:

  • gas fireplaces that are 62.4 per cent efficient or higher
  • freestanding stoves that are 66 per cent efficient or higher
  • inserts that are 61 per cent efficient and higher

Gas log sets do not qualify for EnerChoice.

Instant ambiance

Waste no time getting warm when you get home. Your gas fireplace turns on and off instantly through either a wall switch, a thermostat connected to the fireplace or a remote control.


No more buying or chopping and stacking wood. No more setting and lighting the fire and no messy fireplace cleaning. Natural gas fireplaces are safe and easy for almost anyone to use.

Warms just the room you’re in

Your gas fireplace puts warmth where you need it, when you need it. By heating the zone you’re in, you can turn down the central heating in the rest of the house, and reduce your energy costs.

Looks as good as the real thing

It has a real flame, and even if those aren’t real wood logs burning in the fireplace, you also never have to stoke them or add more wood. Or clean up the ashes the next morning to prepare a new fire.

Safe reliable heat

A gas fireplace doesn’t need electricity to keep you warm, (unless it has electronic ignition or electric power venting). Reliable natural gas is always there when you need it.

Features to look for

Remote control

Many models are available with remote controlled on/off, flame height control, or thermostatically controlled room heat.


You can also a set a timer to turn on your fireplace in advance of getting home or before getting up in the morning.

Ceramic glass front panel / door

Ceramic glass withstands higher temperatures and radiates more heat than tempered glass. It’s usually found on higher end models or those with higher heat output.

Automatic pilot light shut-off

If for any reason – such as a carbon deposit blocking the valve – the pilot light flame goes out, the gas supply is immediately and automatically shut off. This is standard safety equipment on all gas fireplaces with a standing pilot light.

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