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Cooking appliances

With the even, direct heat and precise temperature control of natural gas, you'll enjoy exactly the right setting — from a low simmer to a fast boil. It's why top chefs prefer cooking with natural gas.

Video: GlobalBC’s Wayne Cox visits Deluxe restaurant in White Rock, BC, to find out why chefs prefer cooking with natural gas.

Natural gas cooking appliances may cost a little more to buy than electric models, but they'll pay you back with performance and years of reliable service.


Instant on and off

Your burners heat up immediately, so they're ready to begin cooking right away.

Infinite settings

A natural gas flame is infinitely variable, giving more precise temperature control.

Versatile cooking

The open natural gas flame wraps evenly around any size pot, pan or wok to provide versatility in cooking.

Greater flexibility and styling

Depending on your needs, cooktops and ovens can come as separate units and come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and configurations to meet your kitchen's décor.

Energy efficient

Choosing pilotless electronic ignition can save you even more on your energy bill.


Natural gas cooking appliances are powered by a home's natural gas supply. So unlike neighbours with electric ranges, you'll still be able to use your cooktop elements during power outages.


Natural gas cooktops can be shut off instantly.  Residual heat is eliminated after cooking, reducing the chance of burning.

Deciding what you need

Your cooking requirements, kitchen décor and space limitations will influence your choice of cooking appliances. First you need to determine whether you want:

  • free-standing range that combines the cooktop and oven in one unit;
  • separate cooktop and wall oven, offering more flexibility for installation and greater convenience for a two-cook kitchen.


Models can be free-standing or built into a wall or kitchen island. Choose from self-clean or manual clean ovens. Features include fan-powered convection for faster cooking or infrared broilers.


For kitchen islands, or where additional countertop space exists, a natural gas cooktop is ideal. Choose from different widths, models with downdraft exhaust or vented hoods.

Wall ovens

Wall-mounted ovens are big space savers. Depending on the anticipated cooking needs for the household, choose single or double oven models. Fan-powered convection keeps the food moist as it cooks quickly.

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