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Natural gas wall ovens

Buying a wall oven is a great space-saving appliance and can make your kitchen space work more efficiently.


A built-in wall oven, unlike a regular freestanding range, is surrounded by cabinets and boasts a sophisticated, professional appearance. Your cabinets are usually built under and above the oven, providing ideal storage space for your cookware.
Space-saving, low-profile natural gas wall ovens are “natural” convection ovens; that is, the normal air movement established during operation allows for faster, more even baking without the use of fans. They come in widths of 24, 27 and 30 inches (61 to 69 cm) and are available with features such as infrared broilers. The height of a wall oven depends on whether the unit is a single or double oven.

Single oven

Single wall ovens are good for smaller houses and apartments. If you want a little more space but not a whole second oven, consider an extra-wide oven (if you have the room). It can accommodate a lot of food.

Double oven

Double wall ovens give you the most space and versatility – you can bake or broil at two different temperatures at once. They’re great for large families and people who entertain a lot.

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