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​Grill all year long with a natural gas barbecue. 

With a continuous fuel supply, natural gas barbecues are made for all seasons. With instant startup, you’ll be grilling easily and precisely. And you’ll never have to deal with messy charcoal or propane tanks again! 


  • heats quickly and evenly 
  • allows you to control the heat and flame precisely
  • cooks with different temperatures at the same time 
  • never runs out of fuel in the middle of cooking 
  • no heavy tanks to buy or carry, connect or disconnect

Natural gas barbecues use flexible hoses (usually 3 to 4m long) to connect to your home's natural gas supply. If the barbecue is accidentally unplugged, a built-in device automatically shuts off the gas for safety.

Contact a licensed gas contractor to extend your home's natural gas piping to your backyard or patio and install a "quick-connect." The quick-connect makes it easy for you to attach, disconnect and move the barbecue or any natural gas appliances on your patio.


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