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Payment terms

Past due accounts

Your account is considered past due if it is not paid in full by the due date. Past due accounts are subject to appropriate collection action. The portion of your bill that’s still unpaid by the next bill issue date will appear on the new bill as a balance from the previous bill and must be paid immediately. If you made a payment shortly before receiving the new bill, please deduct that amount from the new bill and pay the reduced amount.

Disconnection notice

When you receive a notice of disconnection, it will indicate that our records show payment of two previous bills has not been received. To avoid disconnection of your service, you must pay the overdue balance immediately and report the payment to us. Once we disconnect your service, you must pay your total bill plus a reconnection charge and security deposit before your service will be reconnected.

Returned cheque charge

If your cheque is returned because of insufficient funds (NSF) or for any other reason, we will apply a handling charge to your account.