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Transportation agreement

​What is a Transportation Agreement?

If you decide to buy natural gas from a marketer, you must sign a Transportation Agreement with FortisBC, and declare who your gas supplier is by signing a Notice of Appointment of Shipper Agent.

A Transportation Agreement sets out the rates and terms under which FortisBC will transport your gas. As well, it specifies what you will be charged in the event insufficient gas is supplied for your account. 

A Declaration of Supplier appoints a marketer as your agent in conducting gas-related business with FortisBC. Should you wish to end your relationship with a marketer, you must notify FortisBC as per the terms set out in the Transportation Agreement.

How long does a Transportation Agreement run?

The length of a Transportation Agreement depends on when you switch to an alternative gas supplier. 

You are obligated to third party supply for at least 12 months. The Transportation Agreement with FortisBC will run for that term. For example, an agreement signed on November 1 extends until October 31 of the following year.

If you switch to an alternate supplier before or after November 1 and sign a Transportation Agreement at that time, the agreement will extend until October 31 following the 12-month anniversary of the agreement. 

Therefore, a Transportation Agreement signed on September 1 will automatically run for 14 months. An agreement signed on January 1 will run for 22 months. At least two months notice is required before the end of the agreement to cancel the agreement.  Otherwise, it will automatically roll over.


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