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Questions to ask

If you decide to sign a transportation agreement with a natural gas marketer, be sure to do your homework.

Talk to several marketers before selecting one. FortisBC keeps an up-to-date list of active marketers and will supply you with this list upon request.

These questions may help you with your decision:

  1. How does the marketer plan to arrange for the gas?
  2. Will you be buying gas from the marketer or is the marketer acting on behalf of a gas supplier?
  3. What is the marketer's track record supplying natural gas?
  4. How long is the term of the contract?
  5. Is the price fixed over the term of your contract or can it vary?
  6. What are the risks involved?
  7. How reliable is the supply?
  8. Could your natural gas supply be interrupted for any reason?
  9. Will the natural gas marketer order your daily gas requirements?
  10. How is gas inventory accounted for - will you only be billed for the gas you actually consume?
  11. What happens if the gas supplier cannot supply natural gas for a given period?
  12. What commitments will be made on your behalf?
  13. What are the financial obligations and potential additional charges?
  14. Does the contract you sign with the natural gas marketer commit your company to other services and energy supply arrangements such as electricity or telecom?
  15. What are the renewal provisions of the agreement?
  16. What are the termination rights, terms and conditions?

Before you sign a Transportation Agreement, review all FortisBC tariff documentation including the Transportation Rate Schedule, Notice of Appointment of Shipper Agent, and the Shipper Agent Agreement your marketer will sign with FortisBC.


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