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Vancouver Island – Rate 2

A commercial, institutional or small industrial operation with consumption of less than 2,000 GJ annually (e.g. restaurants, apartment buildings). 

Vancouver Island service area
(Effective January 1, 2018)
Basic charge per day1 $0.8161
Delivery charge per GJ $3.508
​Storage and transport charge per GJ $​0.765
​Cost of gas per GJ ​$1.549
Example: how to calculate a monthly bill
Average monthly consumption2 30 GJ
Basic charge3 $25.30
Delivery charge $105.24
​Storage and transport charge ​$22.95
​Cost of gas $​46.47
Total monthly bill4 $199.96

1The total basic charge will vary based on the number of days in the billing period.

2Please note this is an example of a bill and your consumption may vary from this average.

3Based on a 31 day month.

4Does not include applicable taxes/franchise fees.

Official tariff documents

Our tariff documents provide more detailed rate information, as well as our general terms and conditions.

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