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As of January 1, 2018, the majority of our customers will see an overall decrease to their natural gas bill. FortisBC is a utility regulated by the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) and all rate changes must be approved by the BCUC.

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You can view all the rates in a convenient one page summary.


 Understanding natural gas rates



Most bills are made up of three charges:*

  1. a basic monthly charge,
  2. a variable delivery charge, and
  3. a variable commodity charge which includes a storage and transportation charge.

Your basic monthly charge ensures you have access to gas when you need it — 24 hours a day. The charge does not vary with consumption and covers some of the fixed costs of delivering gas to your home, including monitoring and maintaining the pipeline system to ensure its safety and integrity.

Your delivery charge varies with consumption and includes most of the costs to deliver the gas to your home.

Your commodity charge also varies directly with consumption and includes the cost of gas, administrative and gas management costs. Storage and transportation refers to charges we pay other companies who store, transport, and help us manage the gas we deliver to you.

* Bill formats vary for Fort Nelson and Revelstoke