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Mainland, Vancouver Island and Whistler - Rate 4

A large commercial operation or institution that ONLY uses natural gas in the SUMMER (eg. municipal pools, summer agricultural crops).

The rate structure consists of a fixed daily basic charge that is only applicable to billing periods when gas is consumed. There are also variable charges for each GJ of gas based on the time of year it is consumed, including a delivery charge (also called transportation) and a commodity charge (the gas consumed).

Please note: This service is intended for SUMMER USE ONLY. Customers using Rate 4 in the winter are charged a substantial premium.

Rate 4 is authorized by written consent only and specific terms and conditions may apply.

Official tariff documents

Our tariff documents provide more detailed rate information, as well as our general terms and conditions.

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Choosing a gas supplier

Find the gas supplier and rate plan options that are right for your business.

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