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Natural gas & diesel blend incentives

The application period is now closed.

With our new pilot program, we can provide up to 100 per cent of the conversion costs of upgrading vehicular and industrial diesel engines to natural gas and diesel dual blend engines. The natural gas component would either be compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The qualified conversion specialists/technology providers include:

Why we can offer this pilot program

Over the last three years, the CNG and LNG for transportation fuel market has grown, bringing new opportunities for other industry partners to participate. Legislation allows public utilities to make investments in transportation and infrastructure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help diversify and increase the market for natural gas in BC’s transportation sector.

Under Greenhouse Gas Reduction legislation, FortisBC has been granted approvals and budget for this conversion pilot program. In June 2015, FortisBC issued a Request for Expression of Interest for service/technology providers. Three providers were chosen: Hitec Fuel Systems, Maxquip Inc. and Cullen Diesel Power Ltd.

The incentives available in this program will cover up to 100 per cent of the conversion costs for vehicular and industrial diesel engines.

Am I eligible?

This pilot program is open to any owner or lessor of eligible vehicles in BC within the FortisBC service area, including Class 8 trucks, 2012 or newer, equipped with 13 L or larger engines.

Trucks should be capable of operating on CNG or LNG, but no exclusions will be made for universal systems without consideration of each application. Successful applicants will demonstrate the ability to use the technology in their respective regions within BC.

Incentive payments

Successful applicants will be eligible for up to 100 per cent of funding, paid in three instalments of 25, 25 and 50 per cent respectively. See Successful applicant deadlines for more details. 

What’s the evaluation criteria?

FortisBC, at its sole discretion, will assess each applicant on the same specific market requirements.

See details.

​Criteria will include specific market requirements such as: 

  • fuel choice – LNG or CNG
  • location or region
  • engine type (13 L+)
  • market segment
  • access to fuelling station
  • estimated gas load and diesel displacement
  • credentials
  • number of vehicles

Where can I convert my vehicle?

Technology provider/qualified conversion specialists include:

​Technology provider ​Offering
Hitec Fuel Systems ​Advanced technology with proprietary algorithms allowing all types (Detroit diesel, Cummins, CAT, Volvo, Packard, International, etc.) of heavy duty engines
​Western Star & Sterling Trucks of Vancouver (a subsidiary of Cullen Diesel) ​Universal technology for truck engines up-to 600HP
all Detroit diesel, Cummins, Volvo and Navistar engines
​Maxquip ​Cummins ISX15 engines on Peterbilt trucks

To help you choose your technology provider, use our handy Q&A as a guide.

What are the application deadlines?

The application period is now closed.

See more deadlines for successful applicants.


For more information about this pilot program, please contact:

Will Smith

LNG & CNG Sales Manager

Natural Gas/Diesel Blending Pilot Program