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Becoming a gas marketer

Welcome to a new era. Customer Choice allows FortisBC rate 1 residential customers and rates 2, 3 and 23 commercial customers to review their gas supply options and consider their choices. That's where you come in.
Customers are able to buy the natural gas commodity from whomever they choose: a third-party supplier (gas marketer) or FortisBC. FortisBC will continue to deliver the gas commodity to customers through our pipeline system — safely, efficiently and reliably.
Customer Choice requires that marketers do the following:

  • Enter into an agreement with FortisBC. 
  • Use the Gateway for Energy Marketers (GEM) on a continuing basis to communicate information to FortisBC regarding customer enrolment.
  • Receive information from FortisBC regarding enrolment confirmation, consumption history data, delivery requirements and billing details.

Become a marketer

In order to market gas to commercial customers in applicable FortisBC service areas, a marketer must complete an Application for a License to Market Natural Gas (PDF) and submit it to the BCUC.