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Customer Choice was developed in response to the provincial government's energy policy released in 2002. Formerly known as Commodity Unbundling, Customer Choice has been available to commercial customers since 2004. 
Residential customers have asked to also have a choice of how and where they purchase their natural gas.
In August 2006, the BC Utilities Commission agreed to open a portion of the province's residential natural gas market to competition. 
Customer Choice is the result.
Although the program is managed by FortisBC, it is overseen by the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC), the provincial agency responsible for regulating utility companies.

Launch date

The launch date for Customer Choice will be April 1, 2007. Gas marketers will start soliciting residential customers May 1, 2007.

Customer education

An extensive customer education campaign began in March 2007 to keep customers informed about the new choice available to them. The campaign consisted of:

  • TV commercials
  • Print advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Bill inserts