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Buying from gas marketers

Independent gas marketers:

See the list of independent gas marketers licensed in BC.

Advantages of buying from an independent gas marketer

  • Gas marketers can offer rates and terms that take into consideration your business’s unique gas consumption needs.*
  • You are insulated from natural gas rate increases during the fixed term.
  • You are protected against fluctuations in the gas commodity market and the potential impact of weather, economic conditions and international events on pricing. You are also protected against changes in production and transportation costs paid by the gas marketer for the duration of the contract you sign.

Making an informed choice

Before signing a contract, ask questions and ensure you understand the following information:

  • terms and conditions of the supply agreement 
  • fixed price of natural gas in Canadian dollars per gigajoule
  • one to five year terms for the supply arrangement 
  • penalties for early termination of the contract
  • conditions that may affect the price or term of the offer

If you change your mind after signing, gas marketers are required to provide a 10-day "cooling off" period during which you can cancel the contract. Contract requirements are outlined in the Code of Conduct for Gas Marketers.

Certainty behind your choice

FortisBC retains the role of “supplier of last resort.” In the event your gas marketer loses its ability to serve you for any reason, FortisBC will step in and ensure your service is not interrupted.


*Note that Customer Choice customers may be ineligible for some program offerings from FortisBC. For example, Customer Choice customers cannot be concurrently enrolled in FortisBC's renewable natural gas program. If a customer has previously enrolled in a program for which Customer Choice customers are ineligible, their Customer Choice contract will take precedence and they will automatically be removed from the other program. Customer Choice customers can still take advantage of FortisBC's various payment options including the Equal Payment Plan and Pre-authorized Payment Plan.