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Yorkson Creek

​At Yorkson Creek in Langley, B.C., there are no appliance upgrades available because, quite simply, features that are often considered add-ons are already included in the price. All the appliances, from a natural gas fireplace and dryer, to the fridge, microwave and dishwasher all with their stainless steel finishes, are standard and included in the competitive price.

Homebuyers can benefit from even more built-in value as a result of the collaborative effort between Quadra Homes and FortisBC. The two companies worked together to ensure Yorkson Creek qualified for the highly desirable environmental standard of EnerGuide® 80.

Saving energy by a greater degree

In order to ensure Yorkson Creek homes maximize their energy efficiency, Quadra worked with an Energy Solutions Manager from FortisBC to determine the most cost-effective options for themselves and the customer. By deciding upon natural gas for space and water heating, the development easily achieved its EnerGuide rating.

Because of the installation of an on-demand water heater, which boasts an energy efficiency rating of 98 per cent, operating costs are kept to a minimum and hot water flow is at a maximum.

Another recommendation from FortisBC was to install a high-efficiency gas furnace. At an energy efficiency rating of 96, that means 96 cents from every dollar goes toward supplying usable heat in the home.

An over-achiever

A rating of EnerGuide 80 or higher is considered excellent. It means the home is well insulated, so energy savings are maximized. For residents at Yorkson Creek, that’s comforting.

Quadra’s reasoning was straightforward — they wanted to provide homebuyers with cost savings, unlimited hot water supply, and all the lifestyle, comfort and convenience benefits that come with a natural gas dryer, stove, barbecue and fireplace. By creating energy-efficient homes, Quadra is appealing directly to what customers have asked for.

“After reviewing all these considerations and receiving the EnerGuide 80 rating for the home, we knew this package was a winner,” said Quadra Homes Vice President, Paul DaDalt. An added bonus is a financial credit the development receives from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for qualifying as an EnerGuide 80 project.

Take comfort

The decision to include high-efficiency natural gas systems and appliances means new homeowners will have a warm, comfortable home that is respectful to the environment and costs less to run than one with lower-efficiency appliances, or using other more expensive energy sources.

The FortisBC advantage

What if you could build a state-of-the-art energy system into your next development — without having to carry the cost and the risk? With FortisBC, you can. We used to be Terasen Gas, “the gas company.” Now, as FortisBC, we’re “the district energy system, geoexchange, combined heat and power, electrical generation/ distribution, biomass, biogas and natural gas company.”

We don’t just design the energy component, we cover up to 100 per cent of the development cost. When you work with FortisBC, we have a stake in the outcome. And you have more in your budget for the features and capabilities your customers want.

You benefit from industry leaders and energy experts with practical, real-world experience. As well as sharing the load, we help you shape your energy strategy, with knowledge that could help you meet the new provincial greenhouse gas emissions targets and take advantage of available government incentives.

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