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Windward Homes

Windward Homes’ Paul Turner and Adam Sturlis have been building energy-efficient houses in the Parksville/Qualicum area since 1985. When natural gas became available on Vancouver Island in 1992, Turner was onboard right away. “We love it for its energy efficiency and for cooking, plus it was economical to include natural gas,” says Turner.

Natural gas. Good for affordable luxury.

Six hundred houses later, Windward has continued to build with natural gas. Today, they install a high-efficiency natural gas furnace and tankless water heater in every Windward home because that’s what their customers expect.

With space heating accounting for about 54 per cent of a home’s energy use,* high-efficiency natural gas furnaces offer buyers an affordable heating solution that’s up to 98 per cent efficient.

Tankless water heaters are much more efficient than standard storage tank models, and take up less space, which frees up valuable square footage. Water heating accounts for about 20 per cent of a home’s energy use,* so high-efficiency tankless models improve efficiency and can help buyers reduce their energy costs.

With gas lines already in place, buyers also have the option to include a natural gas range, dryer and barbecue connection.

A natural gas range offers even, direct heat and precise temperature control, while a natural gas dryer heats up instantly with clean, gentle, moist heat. And with a natural gas barbecue connection, buyers will never run out of fuel again.

The right energy choice for their market

A Windward home is between 1,700 and 2,000 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Buyers are typically retired professionals looking for a quality home at an affordable price. “If I put baseboard heaters in one of our homes, most customers would walk away,” says Turner. “Natural gas, forced air heat provides better heating comfort since it’s more evenly distributed throughout the house.”

Achieving EnerGuide® 80 with natural gas

Windward has qualified for rebates under the New Home Program, a collaborative program between FortisBC and BC Hydro. In addition to natural gas space and water heating, low-emissivity windows and CFLs are installed, and doors and windows are caulked and weatherstripped. One thing you won’t find in a Windward home is a heat pump. Turner doesn’t believe they are necessary. “With the cooler summer climate here and the way these houses are constructed with better insulation and low-emissivity windows to keep the heat out, air conditioning isn’t required,” adds Turner.​


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