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The Water's Edge

​The Water’s Edge, a 64 suite multi-family residential development in Kelowna, provides the affordable luxury of natural gas appliances and space and water heating. With individual metering from FortisBC, homeowners only pay for the energy they use.

What buyers want

With over 20 years of experience in developing residential properties, Steve Shoranick, CEO of MKS Resources Inc., knows that his customers want natural gas appliances. “Natural gas affords a convenience and a comfort that melds beautifully with what we envisioned for Water’s Edge. Potential buyers especially demand natural gas fireplaces for ambience,” he says.

Appealing energy solutions

By talking to FortisBC, Shoranick learned how he could bring in even more of the natural gas features that appeal to his buyers, while staying on budget. “We’ve worked with MKS Resources for many years on their multi-family residential projects, and have developed a strong relationship,” says Wade Benner, energy solutions manager for FortisBC. “It’s become second nature for them to call us and see what new technologies and service offerings are available.”

Talk to FortisBC. They can come up with ideas we haven’t thought about, and their energy solutions may make your project even better than you thought it could be.

Steve Shoranick, CEO, MKS Resources Inc.

FortisBC helped MKS Resources save on the installation costs of natural gas at The Water’s Edge through the piping to suites offering. This facilitated adding desirable natural gas features like fireplaces, ranges in the kitchens and barbecue connections on the patios.

Cost-effective comfort and control

Wall Paks were also installed. These compact, selfcontained units provide natural gas heating and electric cooling and fit seamlessly into the building design. They are controlled by programmable thermostats in each suite, so each resident can manage their comfort all year round.

Best of all, the building includes an individual metering solution from FortisBC. Every homeowner at The Water’s Edge has the peace of mind that they are only paying for the natural gas their suite uses and are not subsidizing their neighbours’ energy bills.

The FortisBC advantage

Incorporate an innovative energy solution into your next project with FortisBC, a leading energy provider.

We will work with you every step of the way. You benefit from industry leaders and energy experts with practical, real-world experience. We help you shape your energy strategy, with knowledge that could help you meet provincial greenhouse gas emissions targets. We also help you take advantage of available financial incentives.


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