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The Madison — take comfort

This 89-unit brownstone city-home complex in Surrey, BC, was developed with luxury in mind. Hardwood flooring, granite, French doors, crown moldings, and a lavishly landscaped courtyard — all contributed to this first class development. The Madison also boasts a location that is central to restaurants and shopping and adjacent to the beaches of White Rock, with views of stunning Mt. Baker.

Keeping this high level of quality in mind, Genex Developments wanted to provide natural gas for comfort and convenience. Living at The Madison is about convenience after all — and the developers wanted that philosophy to guide the energy solution as well. They wanted homebuyers to have the freedom to choose whichever natural gas appliances they wanted, while allowing them to control their own energy usage and enjoy easy management of their utility costs.

Most importantly, the developer knew that residents don’t want to feel like they are paying extra for neighbours who use more energy. “Customers relate to individual metering,” said Susan Vollmer of Genex Developments. “They definitely understand what you’re talking about when you say to them you’ll be in charge of your own destiny as far as your gas consumption is concerned.” 

An empowering energy story

To ensure residents of The Madison were able to maximize their comfort and their spending, FortisBC recommended an individually metered natural gas energy system. “Our basic message is quality, and that’s why we’ve gone this route,” said Vollmer.  

The individual metering solution allowed Genex Developments to take comfort that they were leaving a positive legacy to the strata. Because FortisBC covered the costs and logistics of installing the system up to the meters, the developer could focus on building a state-of-the-art living experience.

For homebuyers, the individual metering system gave them options and ultimately the opportunity to monitor their energy usage and save money. Residents also achieved peace of mind by not having to pay for their neighbours’ consumption, plus the enjoyment of additional upscale amenities the developer was able to afford by saving money on this system.

A true win-win solution, the use of this individually metered natural gas energy system allowed the developer to maintain its reputation of quality, while giving homebuyers the option of choosing their own natural gas appliances. Furthermore, the fact that homebuyers, only pay for their individual usage was leveraged as a strong selling feature for the developer.

The FortisBC advantage

What if you could build a state-of-the-art energy system into your next development—without having to carry the cost and the risk? With FortisBC, you can. We used to be Terasen Gas, “the gas company.” Now, as FortisBC, we’re “the district energy system, geoexchange, combined heat and power, electrical generation/ distribution, biomass, biogas and natural gas company.”

We don’t just design the energy component, we cover up to 100 per cent of the development cost. When you work with FortisBC, we have a stake in the outcome.

And you have more in your budget for the features and capabilities your customers want.

You benefit from industry leaders and energy experts with practical, real-world experience. As well as sharing the load, we help you shape your energy strategy, with knowledge that could help you meet the new provincial greenhouse gas emissions targets and take advantage of available government incentives.

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