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Skyline Estates — mutual benefits

Skyline Estates is a semi-detached duplex development in the heart of Victoria’s growing suburb of Langford. The height of modern living, this development offers fine finishings and breathtaking views in a trendy new neighbourhood.

Heightened expectations

The developer of Skyline Estates knew their target buyers were well-educated and expected quality that reflected the price point of the suites. The developer wanted to be sure to deliver on these expectations — while keeping monthly costs comparable to other systems. They also wanted the ability to recoup installation costs through sales. Due to local bylaws, however, they had limitations on the energy options they could choose to implement. Wood-fired heating systems, for example, were not permitted by the municipality.

Rising to the challenge

Hearing the developer’s desire to implement an energy system that would meet the needs of the prospective homebuyers, FortisBC recommended natural gas because of the comfort and quality it provides. Seeing the value, the Skyline Estates developers decided to work with FortisBC and install high-efficiency natural gas forced air heating systems including furnaces, water heaters and fireplaces; as well as pre-piping for ranges, dryers and barbecues. This gave customers the option and flexibility to install gas appliances at a later date. “The heat you get from natural gas is a definite selling feature. It’s cosy heat. Residents prefer it.” said Glen Brieland, Skyline Estates project manager.

This approach to installing natural gas not only achieved the high standards that buyers were seeking, but also enabled the developer to use the energy system as a selling point in sales and marketing materials. They certainly did something right, because every single unit in this large development was sold out before even eight units were complete.

Ultimately, the system delivered a comfortable, quality standard of heating while providing a reliable energy solution. Customers were happy to know they could install natural gas appliances at any point, and the developer was able to easily recover expenses by leveraging the increased suite value to charge higher selling prices.

The FortisBC advantage

What if you could build a state-of-the-art energy system into your next development—without having to carry the cost and the risk? With FortisBC, you can. We used to be Terasen Gas, “the gas company.” Now, as FortisBC, we’re “the district energy system, geoexchange, combined heat and power, electrical generation/ distribution, biomass, biogas and natural gas company.”

We don’t just design the energy component, we cover up to 100 per cent of the development cost. When you work with FortisBC, we have a stake in the outcome.

And you have more in your budget for the features and capabilities your customers want.

You benefit from industry leaders and energy experts with practical, real-world experience. As well as sharing the load, we help you shape your energy strategy, with knowledge that could help you meet the new provincial greenhouse gas emissions targets and take advantage of available government incentives.

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